What is vPad™ ?

vPad™ is a smart medical tablet that connects GPs to their care homes more closely than ever!

It enables GP to remotely collect coded data from the care homes they look after, providing the dataset needed for decision making when care home request a GP visit, at the same time sharing selected meidcal record with the care home staff.

With the support from vLive™, the built-in video consultation module designed for care home patients, the GP can even conduct a virtual visit, which further reduces the number of unplanned GP visit.

Explore our vPad APP which is a purely APP based version of vPad™.

Contact us today via Online Chat, we can rapidly deploy our solution to your practice within 72 hours. 

Our Timeline

  • July. 2020 – TPP SystmOne integration assured via IM1
  • Dec. 2018 – Integrated with EMIS Web Community
  • Sept. 2017 – Integrated with EMIS Web GP
  • Sept. 2017 – Become EMIS accredited partner
  • Mar. 2017 – Published NHS Digital IG Toolkit for the first time
  • Dec. 2016 – 121 Sync Cloud first beta version published
  • Sept. 2016 – Started GPSoC Pairing Integration Process